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Mice Control

FAST Expert Nationwide Mice Pest Control

Mice can cause havoc, so quick action is required if you think or know you have a problem with mice.

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Our Mice Pest Control Solutions

Wood MouseThough cute-looking, mice are actually considered pests because they’re prone to carrying diseases and bacteria, and transmit viruses. Alongside this, they’re also destructive to property, nibbling, chewing, and scratching your belongings and even destroying commercial crop fields.

This is why it’s important to get rid of them in an appropriate manner – this is where pest control comes in.

How does pest control get rid of mice?

There are a few different methods that can be employed by pest control looking to dispose of a mouse problem. Though the aptest method depends on the scale and severity of the infestation, these are the methods that your pest control expert could consider:

Mechanical control: Mechanical control is the laying and use of traps, such as the mousetrap. Wherever possible, the pest control professional will use humane traps as opposed to catch-and-kill, which means that once in captivity the mice will be re-released into the wild, away from your property.

Poisoned bait: Poisoned bait is only ever usually used as a last resort. This is because it can affect other animals, such as pets. For that reason, here at Pest.co.uk, we will only ever use poisoned bait if mechanical traps fail and the risk to other animals is as minimal as possible.

Mice Control Tips

To keep mice out of your home or property, there are some general tips you can follow.

  • Block up any holes: Not only useful for removing pesky stains, but steel wool can also be used to keep mice away by filling up any holes that could act as entry points. Steel wool is useful because it can’t be chewed through, unlike drywall or insulation – and even if a mouse tried to chew through the steel wool, it would likely kill them before they got through.
  • Use peppermint oil:┬áThis is a trick that should be used with caution if you have other animals such as cats and dogs, as it can cause respiratory effects. If you’re living pet-free, peppermint oil can be an effective deterrent from mice as they hate the smell. It’s a win-win for you, though; your home will smell lovely!
  • Keeping bright lights on can also act as a deterrent: This is because, by nature, mice are nocturnal animals, meaning they’ll be put off by bright lights. Some pest control specialists also actually recommend investing in strobe lighting if there is a suspicion of an incoming infestation.
  • Place small amounts of ammonia near entry points: If you don’t want to go around filling up any holes with steel wool, then try small containers of ammonia instead. Mice hate the smell (which can be found in common household items such as glass cleaner) meaning that they’ll likely just move past any holes that offer access into your home.

Pest Control Mice – Costs

Ultimately, there isn’t any blanket price when it comes to the costs of removing mice from your home. Two of the biggest factors that affect the price of our pest control service is the scale and severity of the problem. This is for two reasons.

Firstly, the more mice that are infesting your home, the more employees we’ll likely need to bring out with us to ensure we cover all our bases. By comparison, just one suspected mouse in your home, or a few, will be cheaper to get rid of because it’s a problem easily targeted by a sole employee or a team of two.

Also, the heavier the infestation the more equipment is likely to be needed. For instance, one mouse is obviously going to require fewer traps to be caught than a whole infestation of mice. There is also the concern of re-release; it will be easier to release just one mouse back into a safe area of the wild than a whole nest of mice. This again raises the costs, especially as here at Pest.co.uk we always prefer humane methods of pest removal rather than extermination.


Why Choose Pest.co.uk to tackle your mice control problems

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