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How To Get Rid Of Mice?

Having a mice infestation in your home can be unnerving. You can quickly feel as if your property has been taken over by intruders (because essentially, it has).

You may have seen them scurrying along the floors or found droppings or other evidence to suggest that these furry little creatures are setting up camp in your house.

If this is the case, try not to panic.

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Many people discover mice infestations every day and with the right knowledge and assistance can eradicate the problem in a fairly short space of time.

5 TOP ways to get rid of mice:

  • Find the entry points
  • Get to know your mice
  • Keep your home clean
  • Use traps
  • Consider bait stations

1. Find the entry points

Mice can enter the home in many different ways, but fortunately, you’ll usually see evidence of where they have entered.

Finding and sealing the entry points is the first step to eradicating the problem. Sealing entry points can help to stop the problem from expanding and more mice from getting into your home. Most people think that their property is well sealed from the outside world, but when it comes to mice, even the tiniest hole can be a way in.

Go by the rule of if a pencil can fit in a hole or crack, then so can a mouse.

Mice often leave droppings near entry points, so look out for these. Don’t use materials that can be chewed through like plastic or wood to seal holes, use wire wool instead.

2. Get to know your mice

Getting to know how the mice in your home operate can play a key role in getting rid of them.

Usually, mice do most of their dirty work between dusk and dawn, but you may spot signs of them at any time of the day. Mouse droppings are very easy to spot, with a single mouse dropping upwards of 75 “pellets” each day.

Most mice move along edges like walls and skirting boards, so if you trace where their droppings are leading, you can get a general sense of where they are travelling. Mice like to nest in warm places, so you may find evidence of nesting behind your oven, fridge or boiler. They build nests from paper or other small fibrous materials, so look out for signs that can lead you to their nest.

3. Keep your home clean

Although a clean home doesn’t guarantee a rodent-free home, it does help to deter mice from entering your property.

Be sure to vacuum your floors regularly and wipe down surfaces. Eliminating crumbs is your goal, which can be particularly difficult if you have children living in the house!

Keep all food in airtight containers such as glass jars in secured cupboards, mice can chew through plastic packaging easily so don’t leave any food at all laying around. Also, be sure to keep your rubbish bags in secure areas such as large sealed plastic bins.

This can stop mice from being attracted to your property in the first instance.

4. Use traps

Rat TrapIf you’ve identified where the mice are entering your house, have sealed entry points and have a rough idea of where they are nesting/travelling, then you can start to place traps.

Some people don’t like to place traps for several reasons including not wanting to deal with dead mice, or because they feel they are inhumane.

There is a range of traps available that can kill mice humanely or traps that will capture mice without killing them. If you choose a trap that captures mice, don’t release them too close to your property or they may find their way back.

Mousetraps can be very expensive, and you may have to use them for quite some time if you have several mice living in your property. So it’s usually best to call in a professional exterminator.

5. Consider bait stations

Bait stations are arguably the best way to eliminate mice, especially if you have more than one or two mice living in your property. These are what professional exterminators will use to eliminate mice for good.

Bait stations contain bait that tastes great to mice but has toxic effects. Bait stations can be placed against walls that have been identified as mouse runways, the mice will be attracted inside, consume the poison and then (depending on the poison) used will die within 12 hours to 5 days.

Bait stations are a popular choice for most professionals because of their effectiveness. However, the bait used is toxic to animals and people, so it’s usually best to have a professional assess your property and lay bait stations in a way that will avoid pets or children coming into contact with the bait.

You can read about how we control mice for our clients here, and if you want a no-obligation chat just call 0800 234 3140


Still problems? Time to call in “The Professionals”

Pest.co.uk LogoIf you want to be sure that the mice in your home have been exterminated humanely and efficiently, then hiring a professional is the best solution.

Although there are many products on the market designed to help property owners control a rodent infestation, hiring professionals can be a cheaper alternative to buying fancy traps. Furthermore, professionals are better equipped to assess the extent of your infestation and find effective solutions for dealing with it. When choosing to deal with the infestation yourself, you run the risk of not eliminating them humanely and efficiently, meaning you may have mice in your house for quite some time. A professional will deal with the problem quickly and stop it from escalating.

At Pest.co.uk we use humane methods to exterminate mice effectively.

Our expert pest controllers are used to dealing with infestations on all scales and can provide efficient solutions to eradicate infestations quickly. We use quality equipment to ensure the safety of everyone in your property including children and pets, so you can rest assured that your pest problem will be dealt with professionally.

We use humane methods of pest control, so you don’t have to worry about the welfare of the mice.

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