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Rat Control

Nationwide Rat Pest Control - We Get Rid of Rats, Fast!

We offer a variety of pest control services tailored towards rat infestations in homes and commercial properties across the UK

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Rat Pest Control

There are a number of professional rat control products that our trained technicians could use while out on-call to an infestation. Here’s a brief summary of the most common pest control products you could see our team using:

Pathogens, parasitoids, or predators: These are one of the more natural forms of pest control and are useful as they don’t affect the rest of the surrounding environment. One thing to bear in mind is that biological control agents have lowered success rates when used against nested infestations, so a nest of rats may not be able to be eliminated through this method.

Rat TrapMechanical Traps: This is the form of pest control that most people will be familiar with, though likely not through the term “mechanical traps”. Most likely, you’ll hear this form of pest control referred to as rat traps. Rat traps are useful for catching the rodents, which we will then either release or kill based on the circumstances. At Pest.co.uk, we will always endeavour for a humane outcome wherever possible.

Poisoned Bait:¬†Poisoned bait isn’t the most suitable form of treatment for those properties that have other pets, as these can also be affected. However, for infested locations free of other animals, poisoned bait is a quick and effective form of pest control.

Rat Control Services

We offer comprehensive rat control services across both domestic and commercial areas. This includes in your home and garden, and in a wide range of industries including healthcare, education, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, transport infrastructure, and the public sector.

We deliver pest control services nationwide, with more than 200 trained technicians dedicated to making your home, office, shop floor, or restaurant pest-free once again. All of our pest control services are cost-effective, meaning you’ll get exactly what you pay for without breaking the bank.

Humane Rat Control

Wherever possible, Pest.co.uk will always strive for rat removal that is humane. It’s never nice to see a living creature suffer, even after they’re been causing problems on your property. We’ll do this by using the best possible method of pest removal, both on the premises and off.

Of course, there may be some occasions when the best course of action is to exterminate the rat infestation. When this is the case, we will do so with discretion and respect – for both yourself and for the rodents involved.

Rat Control Methods

As mentioned above, the team at Pest.co.uk employ a wide range of rat control methods, dependant on the scale of the infestation, the type of premises the problem is occurring on, and taking any other contributing factors such as pets or customers into account.

We will strive for the least harmful methods of rat control.

This includes:

  • Mechanical removal: Done via the use of mechanical traps, or “rat traps” that will lure the rats into the traps and allow us to remove them from the property for either extermination or re-release far from the premises – whatever is deemed most suitable for the situation.
  • Poisoned baiting: We will set up sites of poisoned bait around the property, done to lure the rats out of their hiding holes and into the open, where they will then eat the bait. This method will only be used as a last resort if other methods have failed, as it is a method that will kill the rats and raise a risk to other animals such as household pets.
  • Biological control and removal: Likely to be used as the intermediary point between mechanical removal and poisoned baiting, if the former method choice has failed. This is a preferable control choice for those properties that have sensitive qualities, such as weak infrastructure. Biological control is one of the most natural methods of pest removal, albeit not suitable for all situations as we outlined above.

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Why Choose Pest.co.uk for your Rat Pest Control?

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Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we’re available all hours to help you get rid of any unwanted guests. We also offer preventative visits if you would rather be safe than sorry.

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