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Insect Pest Control

Nationwide Insect Pest Control Services

The control of insects is very important for many businesses, and can be extremely stressful for home owners.

Our pest control services cover both, from business insects like cockroaches, flies and and home/residential pests like ants, wasps, fleas and bed bugs.

Crawling InsectsCockroaches

An infestation of crawling insects is likely to be as unpleasant as it sounds. Cockroaches can feed on almost any organic matter, meaning they thrive in kitchens – and they love moist, dark spaces, so can live under cabinets and white goods.

They can be a vector for disease, and are extremely hard to track down and remove manually, as they are nocturnal and very fast moving! Ants can prove similarly hard to track down – although to fully rid yourself of an ant problem, it’s critical to find and kill the entire nest. Using off-the-shelf products to kill off ants that are roaming around will not get you far. Without removing the nest, you risk them reappearing in a matter of weeks.

Bed bugs can infest soft furnishings, coming out at night to feast on unwitting victims. They can cause extremely uncomfortable bites, and can travel very easily between homes. In the case of all kinds of crawling insects, commercial pesticides may be necessary to rid your property of an extensive infestation.

However, there are other options that can be considered. Bed bugs and cockroaches can’t survive temperatures of above 50 degrees Celsius, so can be defeated in enclosed areas where we can super-heat the area to kill them off. This is a useful option for commercial premises as you can use the property again straight away. It’s also possible to use this kind of treatment in food preparation areas, as a preferential option to high-grade pesticides.

Flying Insects

  • Common Fly Isolated On A White Background, The Fly Is A CarrierWasps
  • Moths
  • Bees
  • Hornets
  • Flies

As spring arrives, nature kicks back into action. One of the less welcome signs of spring is the appearance of wasp and hornet nests. Although they’re generally regarded as a distinct species, hornets are actually a type of wasp – with the “yellow-jacket” subspecies being the most common type of flying pest that would typically be recognised as a wasp.

Each year, the queen wasp emerges from hibernation, and builds a small nest to produce a fleet of workers. They hatch and start to build an impressive nest. This might be in wall cavities, bushes or roof ledges. The earlier you can detect this process, the easier it is to get rid of the nests. However, even if you’re feeling brave – it’s critical that you get expert help. Wasps will vigorously defend their nest, and even a small swarm can be dangerous.

Although bees are generally a more welcome sight in the garden – and an important pollinator, their nests can still prove a nuisance if they are too near to your home or business. Bee stings can be painful, and for some, they can trigger potentially fatal anaphylactic shock. We can help you determine which kind of flying insects are residing in any nest that you’ve found – and safely and effectively deal with them. We can also help to seal up any entryways that wasps have produced by burrowing through woodwork.

Inside your home, we can help with common flying insect problems including fleas and moths. Moths can feed on fabrics or foodstuffs, however our technicians can deploy an impressive range of heat treatment, freezing treatment, steam treatment or chemical treatments. This targeted approach is tailored to your problem areas. Similarly, with fleas, we can work with you to find a swift and effective treatment to get rid of your issues with minimal upheaval and disruption!

Our Insect Pest Control Methods

Each insect requires a specific set of methodology to tackle both the problem and to provide a long term deterrent from it reoccurring.

  • Biological control of insect pests
  • Chemical control of insect pests
  • Natural insect pest control

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