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Bird Control

Proactive Bird Pest Control & Bird Deterrent Services

We provide bird pest control services – bird deterrents for roofs and gardens.

  • Our Bird Control Team are available on 0800 234 3140

When you think about pest control, birds might not be the first kind of creatures that spring to mind! However, whilst our feathered friends might be nice to observe from a distance, they can prove to be a real nuisance for your organisation if they start to appear in large numbers.

Our technicians can help with providing proactive deterrents and extermination services for:

Our Bird Pest Control Services

What are the risks that birds pose?

The most common types of birds that we are asked to deal with are pigeons and seagulls. Once they nest on or near your property, they can leave a significant trail of mess and destruction.

Car parks are a common problem area, with bird mess capable of causing damage to the paintwork on cars, but they can also deface building fronts and landscape elements like statues. Pigeons, in particular, are vectors for disease, and their droppings can present a public health hazard if they are allowed to build up unchecked.

Both species, but particularly seagulls, can also prove to be a menace. These confident creatures will quickly learn the most cunning ways to seek out food. They regularly raid bins, often resulting in rubbish being strewn around your site.

If you sell food, it’s also very likely that these birds will start to harass guests. It might make for a fun Instagram photo, but it’s unlikely that guests will enjoy the experience of having their food stolen straight out of their hands by a hungry gull!

These birds can become extremely territorial, even attacking those who come too close to their nests during the breeding season.

Because removal of these birds and their nests requires special licensing, it’s always a good idea to get the experts in to provide effective pest removal.

Prevention is better than cure

We always seek to provide effective management techniques that minimise the use of harmful chemicals. In the case of bird pests, the best option is almost always to displace them using physical deterrents. This includes measures like spikes and nets to protect your buildings and prevent birds from nesting or flocking there.

Our team can provide guidance on the most effective, but also least intrusive measures that you can incorporate into your buildings and grounds.

Where necessary, we can obtain the licenses needed to remove nests and carry out humane trapping. This involves removing seagulls from high up or hard to access areas that may not be impacted by other physical deterrents.

Calling in the cavalry

Traditional pest control methods like fumigation and pesticides are unlikely to be of much use against feathered pests. Instead, one of the most simple, but also most impressive options available is to use a bird of prey.

This form of biological control relies on the fact that pigeons and gulls see these predators as a threat, and will quickly move away from the area. It’s quick and easy, and has the added advantage of removing the reliance on physical features such as spikes, which you might decide are not in keeping with the look that you want to try and achieve.

We can arrange repeated visits to ensure that pigeons or seagulls get out, and stay out!

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