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How to kill cockroaches?

If you’ve identified a cockroach infestation in your home or business, it’s natural that you’ll want to get rid of these unpleasant critters as soon as possible!

Unfortunately, cockroaches are mostly nocturnal, and very fast – which means that they can be hard to spot, and even harder to catch.

Action Image Of Cockroaches, Cockroaches Isolated On White BackgTraditional insecticide treatments can be used, but there are actually some far more effective treatments to get rid of cockroaches.

Heat Treatment for Cockroaches

Cockroaches cannot survive temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius – which means that heat treatment can be used to quickly and effectively get rid of these unwelcome guests. The area is super-heated to a temperature at which the cockroaches cannot survive. It can permeate areas that traditional sprays or fumigants wouldn’t normally reach.

Plus, because this kind of treatment doesn’t rely on any chemical or biological agents, it is an environmentally friendly way of purging these pests.
It is also a preferable option to high-grade pesticides in any areas where food is being made or stored, as there is no risk of cross-contamination.

The benefits of heat treatment

  • CockroachesSafe for use in kitchens or other areas where food is prepared or stored
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No residual risk to other animals, including pets who enter the area after treatment
  • Quick and efficient
  • Greater reach than sprays or fumigant treatments
  • The treated area is generally safe to use as soon as the treatment has been completed.

When heat treatment isn’t suitable

Generally, heat treatment is going to be most effective in enclosed areas. This means that the entire area can be treated, and there are minimal opportunities for cockroaches to escape, and come back later when the treatment has concluded.

If you are looking to treat a very large area, or perhaps somewhere that is exposed, you may have to consider other options. We can provide advice on the most appropriate high-grade pesticides that we can help you to utilise to get rid of cockroaches for good.

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