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Pest Control News & Guides

What do pigeons eat?


You’ll often see folk in parks and city squares throwing the congregated pigeons a crust of their lunchtime sandwich or sausage roll snack. But what does the regular diet of our feathered friends/fiends (dependent on …

How long do pigeons live?


Because pigeons are such a common sight in our towns, cities, seaside resorts, streets, parks and gardens, it can be tempting to assume they must live for a long time. And because there are so …

How do you get BED BUGS?


Bed bugs are tiny, wingless insects that live in soft furnishings. They are cautious creatures that are largely nocturnal – so by the time you notice them, it’s likely that you might already be suffering …

What do bed bugs look like?


A bed bug is actually fairly easy to spot – they look like: Oval, red/brown 5-7mm long Looks like an apple pip Are bedbugs visible to the human eye? Yes, by the time they reach …

How to get rid of pigeons?


Pigeon problem? We explore how to get rid of Pigeons and how to keep them away for good! Although most British birds aren’t generally considered to be pests – there’s a reason that pigeons are …

How to get rid of bed bugs?


Bedbugs are small insects that live on blood, using their elongated beaks to pierce the skin and feed for up to ten minutes. Adult bedbugs look similar to an apple seed – small, brown, oval …

Where do bed bugs come from?


Bed bugs are one of the most unpleasant infestations to find in your home. These tiny insects are nocturnal and can be very hard to detect, so by the time you do notice them it’s …

What attracts rats to your house?


Rats have great memories and love their home comforts. So once Rattie has set up residence in your house or garden, he is unlikely to leave of his own free will. But how did that …

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