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How to get rid of pigeons?

Pigeon problem? We explore how to get rid of Pigeons and how to keep them away for good!

Although most British birds aren’t generally considered to be pests – there’s a reason that pigeons are so poorly regarded. If they gather in large numbers, they can cause a significant mess – this is particularly problematic for an office building or in car parks.

Not only can the uric acid in their droppings damage car wax and paint, but it is potentially hazardous to human health if it’s left to build up!

PigeonWe know that pigeons can cause a problem in many ways;

  • Cause a nuisance by raiding bins
  • Harass people who are eating
  • Spread litter
  • Leave unsightly droppings
  • Damage paintwork on cars and buildings through acid in their droppings
  • Spread disease

The Best Ways to get Rid of Pigeons?

Unlike traditional pest control, chemical sprays and fumigation treatments are unlikely to work against pigeons. As the problem is usually in an outdoor area, you need to be a bit more creative about your pest control mechanisms. There are four main methods of control that we typically suggest;

  • Deterrents to stop pigeons nesting, like spikes
  • Physical defences to stop them landing on certain areas, like nets
  • Humane trapping, to remove them from an area
  • Bird of prey deterrents

How to get rid of pigeons without hurting them


These are a range of simple physical measures that prevent pigeons from being able to land on certain parts of your building.

If they can’t land, they will be discouraged from roosting, and thus they are much less likely to cause a mess or health problem. We can advise on how best to include these measures in your grounds, in an effective but unobtrusive way.

When might humane trapping be necessary?

Although physical measures are typically a good starting point, they may not be appropriate where a large pigeon population is already in place, and particularly if they have built nests.

They often build their nests in inaccessible areas, where intrusive measures like nets and spikes may not work. This means that the best option is to humanely remove the nests, to force the birds elsewhere. In this case, it’s vital that you seek specialist help, as specific licenses are needed to remove these birds or their nests.

We can help secure the licenses, and carry out swift, humane trapping and nest removal.

Use of biological control

In some cases, physical deterrents like spikes and nets aren’t a suitable option. It may be that there is no suitable place to locate them on your property, or it may simply be a choice that you don’t want to damage the aesthetic of the building or grounds. In this case, biological control might be a good answer for your issues. This simple, but very impressive pest control method involves flying a trained bird of prey around the site.

The pigeons sense that this predator is a threat to them, and are likely to move away from the area.

It’s a quick and easy process – which reduces the reliance on physical deterrents. Repeat visits may be a sensible idea, to ensure that these feathered pests are kept out for good!

How can we help?

We can advise and assist with all Pigeon pest control problems, from the installation of deterrents, to flushing out using birds of prey – call us today for a sensible chat about our solutions.

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